Addison Road
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Addison Road Community Centre

142 Addison Road

Marrickville 2204

You will find the markets towards the back of the complex - with plenty of parking onsite

Opening hours:

Modern Artifacts Artisan Market presented at The Addison Road Street Food Markets:
2018 Artisan Market dates:



Summer - SATURDAY 15TH DecemBER 4PM TO 9PM

Our Location

Just in case you haven’t already heard..  Marrickville in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West is abuzz with creativity! Creativity and community – and there is nowhere better to come together than at the Addison Road Community Centre – at 142 Addison Rd Marrickville.

The Community Centre has an incredible heritage. 

Addison Road Community Centre is located on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. Before colonial times, there was a freshwater creek running through the site from the South West corner. The area was a valuable wetland and supported lush bio-diversity including plentiful grass which in turn made it excellent Kangaroo hunting grounds.

In the 1850s, the area became one of Sydney’s earliest market gardens. It then went on to become an Army depot through the 1900s – followed be many years of being the Army’s cavalry training stables. During the 1960s the depot was witness to the ‘Save Our Sons’ anti-conscription protest movement – as well as being the site of pro-conscription demonstrations. After the Vietnam war, the commonwealth eventually relinquished the depot and the Army left in 1975.

Although certain parties at this time wanted to see the land turned over to housing, a number of local ethnic communities put in a joint proposal to lease the ground and its resources, with talk of ‘multi-culturalism’ – a new word at the time. When the lease was won by these members of the local community – the Addison Road Community Centre was born. From first opening its doors in 1976 through to its many continued projects and initiatives in operation today – it proudly holds the title of ‘Australia’s longest-serving Community Centre’.

If you are still reading, we trust you are now as excited as us to be a part of the continuing heritage of this amazing site!

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