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Modern Artifacts is a design market with an online presence. A place to discover beautiful locally made art, meet inspiring artists and unearth the exciting creative spaces in your hood, find a class and start making.

Modern Artifacts presents..

Modern Artifacts is a platform for connecting makers, creators and their admirers.

There is a design revolution underway and thriving in collaborative spaces and studios across Sydney, Australia and indeed the world.

As we catapult into our compelling digital future, it seems many still yearn for the simple joy of making with their hands, people who feel the tug towards minimalism and slowing down.

Modern Artifacts events look to cultivate a nexus for collaboration, connection and community for those interested in making – in all its forms.

To help you connect with participants from our artisan market events, the Modern Artifacts website acts as an ongoing digital portfolio of artists and creative spaces.

It is our aim is to showcase local makers and studios and to highlight the abundance of innovative talent within these ranks.

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