Come along to our artists market
Saturday the 16th December
4pm to 9pm
It's Our Goal

To showcase local makers

While creating an ambience you will love

Great art meets great food

Modern Artifacts showcases local art, craft and design presented at the Addison Road Street Food Markets.

We are an art and design platform which hosts real-world events as well being a digital space profiling local artists and creative spaces.

Our debut event will be a summer evening of good vibes!

We live in a fast-paced world which is focused on ever more consumption. Our event on the 16th of December creates a haven from fast food and fast fashion.

In seeking to create more than simply a retail experience, Modern Artifacts is honoured to partner with The Street Food Markets in the grounds of the Addison Road Community Centre (ARCCO) in the heart of Marrickville.

As Australia’s longest running community centre, ARCCO has a fascinating and inspiring history. The Street Food Markets are a recent initiative offering beautiful food from around the world while supporting refugee & migrant enterprises – all to a soundtrack of live music!

The Street Food Markets is a partner project of the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation STARTTS.

Modern Artifacts inaugural event would not be possible without the generous support of the Inner West Council’s Art and Cultural program – we extend Council our sincerest thanks.

 Join us on the evening of Saturday the 16th December 2017 – 4pm to 9pm 

Discover new delights!

Unique designs

Exquisite work

Delicious food

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